Frequently asked


This document will provide answers to anticipated questions regarding the intent and direction of this Committee.

Q- How was this Committee formed and is it formalized currently?

A- In 2011, an invitation was sent to a large representation of the associations involved in land-based casinos and U.S. Lotteries. This invitation requested their attendance at a meeting being planned in Las Vegas for the purpose of discussing the potential adoption of common regulatory and technical standards. There was broad industry representation at this meeting and it was agreed that there should be continued exploration for creating a framework that would allow, in principle, a common voice on the recognition of industry standards and cross collaboration on future needs. Major Craig Durbin, Assistant Director for Security at the Oregon State Lottery, was asked to Chair the Committee. The committee was formalized during the 2013 meeting at the GLI Roundtable. The charter and procedure for accepting standards was finalized during a June 2014 conference call.

Q- What is the status of the guidelines for this Committee?

A- At the last meeting, general principles were agreed upon which led to the creation of the enclosed guidelines. The main principles are:

  • This Committee should not be a new association, organization or entity but rather a group of invited industry leaders who would represent their respective organizations for the purpose of alerting other Committee members of needed standards, providing input on suggested standards, and , ultimately voting on the presented standards.
  • This Committee should not be held within an association, organization or entity but should be able to receive administrative process support from such for the purposes of providing a repository of information and for Committee communications.
  • This Committee will not be the developer, holder or maintainer of standards or protocols. This work will be left to the individual associations, organizations or entities.
  • The only role this Committee will play in the development of new standards will be to alert its members of the need and to share expertise. . The actual development of a new standard will be up to whichever association, organization or entity desires to implement such work.
  • This Committee will not be singularly focused on any one area of gaming but will strive to consider all standards, regulations or protocols (Johnson Act shipping standards, protocol, due diligence, interactive, etc.) that are developed for the industry.
  • Once a standard, regulation or protocol is brought before the Committee, the Committee will only have a straight up or down vote on recognition. Prior to the vote each member association, organization or entity will have an opportunity to have its respective group review for a straight up or down vote of recognition, but there will be no mechanism for comment or change.

Q- What is the benefit to my organization?

A- There are two major benefits:

  • Your organization will be part of a powerful voice on the recognition of standards used in the gaming industry, thereby making the industry safer and stronger.
  • Your organization will have the opportunity to have its work recognized by a large group of peers and industry partners.

Q- What is the overall benefit to our industry?

A- The gaming industry is rapidly changing due to significant technological advancements. This comes at a time when significant pressure is being applied to the industry to be nimble and react quickly to political, economic and environmental changes. This results in the lines between casinos and land-based lotteries becoming blurred. The gaming world is becoming flatter not only for the vendors and the properties but also for the regulators. This Committee will allow operators, vendors and regulators to have a repository of standards, regulations or protocols that have been looked at and subsequently recognized by a panel of industry leaders. This in turn will begin to elevate commonality, best practice, expertise due diligence, and protection of our industry.

Q- What is the process when a standards is submitted for consideration?

A- Please view the "Procedure" link under "CSGI Standards" or click here to view that information

Q- How do I submit a standard for consideration?

A- In order to submit a standard, please click on the “Submit” link under "CSGI Standards" or click here to start the process. The user will need to provide contact information in order for a password to be sent. Once the user has the ability to log in, you may submit a standard.

Q- Do I have to be a member of CSGI to submit or view recognized standards?

No, this process is open to all entities recognized in the gaming industry. Please view the "CSGI standards tab" or click here for more information.

Q- How do I become a member of CSGI?

A- Please use the form on the members center page for one of the committee members to be in contact.