Mission Statement

The Committee for Securing Gaming Integrity (CSGI), through a common voice, will serve the fairness, integrity, security and honesty of gaming by the recognition of industry technical, regulatory and protocol standards.

CSGI Charter

The CSGI will act as the governing body for this effort. The duty of the CSGI is to assure that this entity confines its activities to those that align with the goals, objectives, and mission.

CSGI Responsibilities

Individual Committee Members Should Be Prepared To:

CSGI Composition

The CSGI will contain representatives from each of the following:

Committee Seats (Members)

Committee Chair

The Committee Chair is responsible for leading the CSGI and working closely with the members (voting and non-voting) to ensure that the Committee is operating effectively and according to its objectives. The Chair is responsible for establishing meetings, teleconferences and communications.

CSGI Term Limits

Committee seats will be appointed for a term of two (2) years unless otherwise appointed.

Appointments will be made using a “rolling” approach. Each year, beginning after the second year of operation, new appointees may replace thirty-three percent (33%) of the Committee representatives. The other sixty-six percent (66%) of the represented entities will remain on the Committee.

Appointments will be made as necessary.

Feedback Plan



A quorum shall consist of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the number of voting Committee seats. Designated alternates substituting for official delegates will be counted in determining whether a quorum exists for that particular meeting or conference call. A quorum must exist in order for a vote to be valid.

The following voting percentages shall be required for any motion, act or decision to be valid:

Designated Alternates

Designated alternates substituting for official delegates will be counted in determining whether a quorum exits for that particular meeting. The designee shall hold voting privileges; the committee’s seat is expected to communicate the seats position and voting direction for the meeting designated.

Boundary Conditions/Decisions Made

Sustaining Plan

The Committee accepts responsibility to work collaboratively to achieve Committee goals and objectives.

Success Indicators