About Committee for Securing

Gaming Integrity (CSGI)

The gaming industry is rapidly becoming flatter and changing due to significant advancement in technologies. These changes are bringing a convergence to the industry in such a way that the lines between casinos, land-based lotteries and other gaming technologies are being blurred. To maintain the highest level of integrity and security of our industry a common voice is needed on the standards, protocols, technology advancements and regulations that address this technology. In 2011, an invitation was sent to a large representation of associations involved in land-based casinos, U.S. lotteries, Federal and State regulators asking them to attend a meeting in Las Vegas. The purpose and intent of this meeting was to discuss how these groups could work together in the common recognition of regulatory standards and protocols within the industry. The result of that meeting was the common agreement that a Committee should be formed in an attempt to find a solution to this problem.

Since 2014 there has been extensive discussion and work in this effort to develop the CSGI. The CSGI is a standalone entity having no reporting obligation to any organization or industry association. As such, the CSGI will not be an association, allowing neutrality for each participating entity to only represent its own association. For operational purposes, the North American State and Provincial Lottery Association (NASPL) has agreed to provide administrative support for the CSGI.

The work that will be accomplished by the CSGI is vital, allowing those who have expertise in the development of standards, regulations and protocols an avenue to validate that their work is recognized by the industry we operate in. In turn, this will begin to elevate commonality, best practice, expertise, due diligence and protection of our industry.

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